The World Needs Food-Tech

The world is in a sad state. Climate change is everywhere to be seen. Rampant diabetes and obesity. We seem to have more wars. People leave their homes in droves to escape famine, meeting walls or resentment.

Food is at the core of all of this. To me, food is the new climate.

The food sector produces a third of all greenhouse gases, heating our planet. And the so called food we’re putting in our mouths is killing us and on the way killing our health care budgets. If you have food, that is. We have enough food to feed every single man, woman and child on the planet – if we only could distribute it. No wonder people leave their homes in order to find a better place somewhere else.

The food system is indeed broken and we need to do something about it. Good then that we have tech entrepreneurs that can use data, new business models and new service layers to disrupt old stalwarts. I don’t claim that tech is the solution to every problem, but we can solve some and through data better identify others. This is the field where I spend my days coaching, speaking, developing and constantly learning together with my friends in the global movement some call food-tech.

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